Alpha Male-Female.

Since humans began to inhabit the earth, paradox (absurdity) and paragon (ideal) have been subjects of great interest. Humans need connections. We are hard-wired to be part of a collective. It was the way early humans survived. Most of us fanatically need to belong – to a team, a unit, a group, a clan, etc. […]

Hard-Wired For Sports.

This week’s blog is one of my favorite areas of interest. It’s about insanity, self-worth, and awareness. The human species, as advanced as it has become, still fails to fully appreciate our hard-wired emotions. Sports may be the perfect environment for this genetic craving. 

What A Champion Knows.

As we learned in last week’s blog, sports participants and fans are hard-wired for the need to compete. Interestingly, our drive to compete (our emotional need) is the very thing that may prevent us from becoming champions. The hard-wiring that insists on the emotional high of competition can paralyze us from evolving and improving toward […]