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What A Champion Knows.

As we learned in last week’s blog, sports participants and fans are hard-wired for the need to compete. Interestingly, our drive to compete (our emotional need) is the very thing that may prevent us from becoming champions.

The hard-wiring that insists on the emotional high of competition can paralyze us from evolving and improving toward our dreams of being a champion. For most of us, learning and participating in a sport excites us – but doesn’t paralyze us. Our sport is a glorious, thrilling endeavor, right? Yes. However, after the realization of the grueling and never-ending labor required to master your sport sets in, the glamor and luster can quickly fade – unless we can find that certain something that stirs us inside. Whether you are immediately struck by the intensity of your love for the sport or you capture the slow burn that grows into a passion, you know without a doubt that nothing can stop you from competing – not even getting your ass kicked, over and over. You always come back for more.

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