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Biceps-Triceps Helix


Iridescent Blue
Royal Blue

The Biceps-Triceps Helix compression sleeve is uniform, comfortable compression for muscle and tendon injuries to the upper arm and for injury prevention.

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Not all compression is created equal. We start with an unapologetic obsession for exceptional quality, meaning less downtime and more wins.

All of our compression products are developed, packaged, and shipped from our warehouse in North Carolina, USA.

Incredible Stretch & Elasticity

No Straps - Uniform Compression

Medical Grade

Wont Slide Around
During Use


Product Uses

The Bicep-Triceps Helix is ideal for management of injuries to your upper arm muscles and tendons, enabling you to play through minor pulls/strains/tears/spasms and whatever else you may call the pain you want to manage while you Move Through It.  

It is also an excellent choice for prevention of injuries and re-injuries, warming your muscles to increase blood flow and keeping your muscles warm throughout your workout or competition.

People who have had a full-thickness tear of their biceps muscle (Popeye arm) enjoy the additional support that the Biceps-Triceps Helix lends during exercise.  


Proper fit is important

Please measure your upper arm at its largest circumference.  


Which size should I order if I am in between sizes?  

In general, leaner athletes prefer the smaller size.  All others prefer the larger size.



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