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High Top Helix


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The High Top Helix increases proprioception of the ankle, improves balance, and enhances athletic movement.


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Incredible Stretch & Elasticity

No Straps - Uniform Compression

Medical Grade

Wont Slide Around
During Use


Product Uses

Ankle proprioception (knowing where your body is in space) is key for balance control, athletic movement, and full-body control.  Increasing sensory input is a great way to increase ankle proprioception.  The High Top Helix is just what you need to give your brain a better sense of where your ankles are without any material inside of your shoe.  

This Helix is ideal for injury and re-injury prevention, providing a steady stream of information to your brain so that it can protect your ankles by better controlling your movement.  The High Top Helix feels like wearing high-top tennis shoes, without actually having to wear high top tennis shoes.

If you have been diagnosed with foot drop, the High Top Helix may help to reduce the forefoot drop, allowing you to move more naturally and more freely, possibly helping you to stumble less frequently.


What is the difference in styles?

The High Top Helix is ideal for those who do not currently have an ankle injury and who want to increase ankle sensory input.  This Helix is not advised for management of ankle injuries.

The Full Ankle Helix is a sock-like sleeve that slips over your foot and ankle, covering the entirety of your ankle joint as well as the arch of your foot and your Achilles tendon.  It is the preferred product for those who have plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, or swelling of the ankle

The X-Fit Ankle Helix provides support in an “X” or figure “8” pattern, covering the areas that are most often associated with a ligament sprain or tendon strain of the ankle joint.  It does not cover as much of the arch of the foot and only covers the lowest portion of the Achilles tendon.  It is the preferred product for those who want as little material in their shoe as possible.


Proper fit is important

The High Top Helix is one size fits all

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