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High Top Helix

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The High Top Helix increases ankle proprioception, improves balance and enhances athletic movement. The price is $18.00 per pair.


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Incredible Stretch & Elasticity

No Straps - Uniform Compression

Medical Grade

Wont Slide Around
During Use




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Product Snapshot

  • $18.00 per pair
  • Increase ankle proprioception
  • Improves ankle mechanics
  • Form Fit Technology for a perfect fit
  • Super Stretch material
  • Machine washable

Product Uses

Ankle proprioception (knowing where you are in space) is key for movement and body control.  Increasing sensory input enhances balance control, enhances athletic movement and reduces the risk for injury and re-injury.  In athletes with a diagnosis of foot drop the forefoot drop is reduced.

The High Top Helix utilizes Form-Fit Technology and is made from our reinforced Super Stretch material.  The product will not absorb excess water, bacteria, or odors. 100% Machine Washable.


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What is the difference in styles?

Please see the X-Fit Ankle Helix  and Full Ankle Helix for a comparison.

The High Top Helix is advised in the uninjured athlete who is seeking to increase ankle sensory input resulting in increased balance and athletic performance.  The sensation of the High Top Helix is similar to that experienced when wearing the old “High Top” tennis or basketball shoe.  The High Top Helix is not advised for acute ankle injury support.

The X-Fit Ankle Helix provides support in the “X” or Figure 8 pattern. This pattern is used to support injured tissues typically associated with acute ankle sprain or strain. The X-Fit is advised after acute injury management and has slightly less bulk than the Full Ankle Helix. The Full Ankle Helix provides uniform compression typically desired for acute and chronic injury management and injury prevention and provides support to a larger area of the ankle than the X-Fit. The Full Ankle Helix is generally the product of choice unless less bulk or less support is desired.



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