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Knee Helix


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The Knee Helix compression band provides a moderate level of support and warmth to the area just below the kneecap and on the sides of the knee joint.  It is ideal for patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee), meniscus issues, and arthritis.

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Not all compression is created equal. We start with an unapologetic obsession for exceptional quality, meaning less downtime and more wins.

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Incredible Stretch & Elasticity

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Medical Grade

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Product Uses

We used our high-tech material to design a brace that easily slips on and stays in place. The Knee Helix provides targeted support and warmth for your patellar tendon, without the need for straps and without any unnecessary bulk. It is ideal for anyone who suffers from patellar tendonitis, commonly called jumper’s knee, characterized by pain and tenderness just below the kneecap, along the length of the patellar tendon.

The Knee Helix is also a great choice if you have a minor meniscus issue, an old meniscus injury, or arthritis, allowing you unrestricted movement while providing warmth and increased blood flow to the areas on the sides of your knees where most people with these issues experience pain.  Our unique design eliminates any material directly behind your knee, alleviating the annoying “cutting in” that is present with other straps and bands. It’s so comfortable that you will forget you have it on.

This Helix can also be worn post-injury for minor sprains to the ligaments around your knee, providing your brain with a little comfort so it can provide you with the confidence to focus and compete again. 


What is the difference in styles?

The Knee Helix is the helix of choice for those who have a minor meniscus injury or an old meniscus injury, mild arthritis, or patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee).

The Patella Helix is recommended for Osgood-Schlatter Disease, Patellar Femoral Pain Syndrome (runner’s knee), pain behind the kneecap, or patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee).

The Adjustable Knee Helix is recommended for those who need support of the entire knee joint but who do not want coverage over the kneecap, or for those who want support to the entire knee joint but not to the muscles above and below the knee joint.

The Full Knee Helix Open is recommended for those people who are experiencing pain behind the knee cap or who have been told by their Dr. that they need a brace with an open patella.  It is the same length as the Full Knee Helix, covering the entire joint plus several inches below and above the knee joint.

The Full Knee Helix is ideal for those who want the simplicity of a compression sleeve that slips on.  It covers the entire knee joint, as well as the tendons and muscles for several inches below and above the knee joint.

If you need more information to help decide which knee Helix is best for you, please read this blog.


Proper fit is important

Please measure the circumference of your knee just below your kneecap, with your leg straight.  Please do not measure your thigh.  Please do not measure across your kneecap.  


Which size should I order if I am in between sizes?  

In general, leaner athletes prefer the smaller size.  All others prefer the larger size.


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