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Ultra-Light 2: All Day Mask

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Nano-Silver Particles. Odorless Fabric. Dual-Layered. Silky-Soft.

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Not all compression is created equal. We start with an unapologetic obsession for exceptional quality, meaning less downtime and more wins.

All of our compression products are developed, packaged, and shipped from our warehouse in North Carolina, USA.

Incredible Stretch & Elasticity

No Straps - Uniform Compression

Medical Grade

Wont Slide Around
During Use



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Product Snapshot

  • Mechanical barrier to airborne infectious agents
  • Reusable Helix and filter
  • Variable occlusion of paranasal spaces depending on nasal bridge prominence
  • Form-Fit Technology ensures a perfect, comfortable fit
  • Adjustable head strap for comfort
  • Machine washable and dry

Product Uses

The United States is facing a healthcare crisis .  Calls for prodective face maks have been made by the medicial-industrial complex.  As quickly as possible we have turned our resources to generation and production of a protective face mask.  Our facilities are suitable for this since we have a wonderful, enthusiastic staff and fabric that can be contoured to the face.  Our Version 1 will be followed by improvements talready underway.  We know it is not perfect.

The Face Mask Helix is designed to reducte the transmission of airborne infections either to or by the wearer.  Masks that offer this feature are referred to as surgical masks.  In order for us to get FDA and OSHA approval for release it would take at least two years.  The FDA has indicated a relaxing of the criteria.  We believe we offer a product that would satisfy FDA criteria as a surgical mask.

This is not an N95 compliant mask.

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Face Mask Helix Features

The Face Mask Helix features our closed cell technology that prevents fluid and bacteria from infiltrating the fabric.  The Helix material offers the advantage of being machine wash and dry.  This is important at a time when it is not clear how long masks will be elected.  The filter offers a Mere 8 rating and an electrostatic filter.  In this time of crisis we are using intuition that the mechanical barrier and Merv filter offers excellent protection against inhaled infective agents as a surgical mask would.  (An N95 Mask, also called a respirator, offers additional protection by reducing air that flows around the mask.)  In our tests we found that users with a less prominent nasal bridge had excellent prevention of flow around the mask. Users with a more prominent nasal bridge had no noticeable reduction compared to other surgical masks.

Our head strap feature allows users to arrive at the most comfortable position with the proper adjustments for pressure and placement.  This is ideal for both short term and extended wear.  This avoids the unnecessary fiddling with touching the face in order to maintain a comfortable position of the mask.

The Face Helix is reusable.  Our material features a wash and wear benefit.  As information has come to the attention of the CDC the advice for use of a protective masks is changing.  If prolonged wear or wear while at work is elected, this mask will last for the duration of COVID-19 precautions.

Our refillable filter is sufficient to provide protection as a surgical mask level.  We offer filter replacements.  Improvements in filter design and use are forthcoming.

Proper fit is important

We usually offer instructions for fitting our compression products here.  This time it’s different.  This is a one size fits most item.  The head strap is adjustable allowing a comfortable fit including while wearing glasses.  We are not able to offer our usual color options at this time.  You will receive an item in one of our usual colors.  We hope you understand our sense of urgency and suspension of our feature selection.  No items are returnable to BodyHelix at this time.




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